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Astrocytical has a significant patent and patents-pending IP portfolio that addresses numerous traumatic, acute and chronic neurological needs. New innovations are being added. We seek to develop, confirm, and then commercialize these innovations.

Instacaine® is Back! With the recent issuance by the US Patent & Trademark Office of Patent Number 10,179,159 -  Topical Anesthetic Formulation, We can now present our novel trans dermal transportation system with confidence!

The "Golden Ten Minutes" of Neurological Trauma Require New Strategies for Detection, Intervention & Neuro-protection

Many Naturally Occurring Substances With Known Beneficial Therapeutic Action Can be transported across the BBNB

Molecular Transportation Systems

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Ameloriation Systems & Devices

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Novel Conjugated API's can be transported across the Blood-Brain-Nerve Barrier (BBNB)


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